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What is a Building Inspection Report?

What is a Building Inspection Report?

Real estate requires colossal sums of money to buy and it would be disastrous to discover later on that the property you purchase had serious structural, electrical or plumbing problems that need to be dealt with at a huge cost.

That’s why Sandridge Associates we recommend to clients before they make a final commitment that a full building inspection report is undertaken.

Just as important as the valuation report should be sort to determine the market value of the property you are about to purchase, the building inspection report will reveal the structural integrity of the building.

A building report is a detailed buildings survey conducted by a qualified buildings expert and we as Sandridge Associates highly recommended that it is undertaken especially if you are considering buying an older property.

Why do you need a Building Inspection Report?

Apart from getting a valuation report to know the worth of the property and future cash flows depending on the purpose of you purchase, you need a building inspection report for the following reasons;

  1. The building inspection expert can identify problem areas in the building you may miss.
  2. The information you learn from a building report can help you negotiate a lower purchase price.
  3. The information obtained can alert you to potential problems that may arise in the future with the building.

 Our Real Estate Sales team is ready to guide you through the whole process to acquire a property as a new buyer.

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